Simultaneous McMahon tournaments end with unplayed games

The Kuksu Nines 18th Cycle just finished with many unplayed games (although it was in the League format when it started). The reason is obvious: those games between two players that have played in the previous rounds would never start. I don’t think this is supposed to happen in the Simultaneous McMahon format.

There are other ongoing tournaments suffering from the same problem: Tianyuan Nines 2013, Carl Douglas Kung Fu Fighting Championship, to name a few.

Thank you in advance for fixing it:)

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Just glancing at a few of the games it looks like they have indeed finished but the fact that the game has ended was not recorded in the database… I’ll look at rebuilding this information so the fact that the games have concluded will be recorded there.

Thank you for looking into it. The games finished with ‘?’ are actually played in the previous rounds. For example, if you click on the game between taikobara and devariot in Round 3 of Kuksu Nines 18th Cycle, you would go to the exactly same game between them in Round 2.

It looks like we’ll need to fix the tournament metadata up and trigger the tournament end action… I’ll do this early this week.

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Thanks. By the way, Tianyuan Nines 2013 has just ended with the same situation, and the title matches of Kuksu and Tianyuan have (wrongly) started as well.

Bump… any update on the issue? :wink: