Site experiencing issues

Hello :slight_smile: First, I love the site and can’t get enough!

But. The last 24 hours something really wierd is going on with my account. Almost every new game I start, gets duplicated, and started twice! One time it even started 4 games, with the same player, at once…
Probably related, sometimes when i press my profile, it just says user not found :frowning: Also the site is slow and not always responsive at all.
Maybe someone could have a look at my profile and what is going on?

Kind regards


Sounds like you’re not alone with the automatch bug: Duplicate game starting duing queue up · Issue #2203 · online-go/ · GitHub

And the profile issue: Blocked account

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Okey. I guess it’s not just me. That’s at least a bit reassuring. I got worried since the site has worked flawlessly for me up until now.

Right now (last few hours) site has more lags than ever. Lags, not bugs.

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Yeah, it is all a bit slow.

  • Takes time to create a challenge and sometimes I have to try again.
  • Profile loading is slow and sometimes fails.
  • Same for loading of puzzle collections.

Gives me time however to practice my patience. :rofl:

I’ve got a few days off and was pumped to mop up the WSC this morning but experienced the same problems as described above. The sites loading time was unusually lengthy also when I was starting 2 automatches I noticed my opponents weren’t making moves and all of a sudden there were 5+ games at once against the same players running on my page :laughing:
I tried signing out and back in but currently can’t log back in. :face_holding_back_tears:
Was a little surprised at this as OGS was running smoothly 100% of the time for me, but we’ll just have to be patient I guess. I’m sure the team will fix it in no time! :smiley: :+1:

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I’m getting a lot of big red X’s right now, trying to view games, the homepage. I think there are some technical difficulties.

@anoek has been notified and is looking into it.


Imma time out a bit today :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Sounds like what I reported last week: My Games and Account Disappeared Briefly - #3 by anoek

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Yes, it looks similar in the logs too.

Although … many kinds of breakage will present in this way … it could be the same cause, or something wrong with Amazon, cloudflare, disk space… etc etc :open_mouth:


Hi All, sorry for the trouble - we should be ok for now. I found some core dumps this time so I’ll see if I can gleam anything useful from them to see how things are getting to where they are. I don’t see the same DoS this time, but there were an excess of django uwsgi processes hanging around not terminating and clogging things up.


Working wonderfully again. Thank you <3

I think I’m missing a rengo game.

I resigned this morning and it’s not in dropped games or in history (I checked in case it ended in between).

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Hi there! Didn’t want to make a new thread for this because the title for this one is rather broad.

So I’m having some issues at the moment with OGS.

  1. whenever I load up a game, I get " Failed to load game data: error", but can still continue playing my corro’ games, after I get rid of the popup window.
  2. I’m trying to start a review on a game and I’m getting another window popping up saying " Server error (500)", and no review is started.

Hi @Lord_o_o_Spoon , how are things for you at the moment? It’s been a bit crazy this morning, I might have fixed your issues along the way though.


Everything appears to be cleared up now! thank you for the swift work!


When the WSC is too successful. :lying_face: :smirk:


Did the rengo game reappear?


No. I checked again now.

Hah. Do you recall other players in the game - can we check with them?