Site moderation

I have a few questions about (and for) the moderator team:

  1. Who serve as moderators?
  2. How did you become one?
  3. What is the average online time of one?
    I want to ask these questions because also want to be a part of the team, I have some moderation experience on a server with 5.6k people on discord, and could be online about 5 hours a day.

People are invited by the existing mod team.

It varies and is highly dependent on personal circumstances.

This was not always true, as I said in the post I deleted :grimacing:

This is your first post. You need to be part of a community for some time before you can be reasonably be a moderator of it. Nevermind that people who nominate themselves are rarely suitable.


I don’t really use a lot of forums, but I have a year of experience and quite a lot of time

Username checks out


The normal process is that suitable people stand out from their contributions to the community in some way, and are nominated by the existing team.

I think it’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask, FWIW.

There’s a truism around “people who nominate themselves are rarely suitable”, but this doesn’t mean that “people who ask how it works are not suitable”. Those are two different things.

A massively important factor is “compatibility with the existing team”. This is why some sort of ongoing involvement in the community is mandatory - we need to learn your approach to problems, and your personality, as best we can, before we could think about nomination.

This could be presence in chat, or the forums, but one of those is really vital. A person who is not inclined to discussion “and just reads” is not a person who is well suited to moderation. A person well suited to moderation needs to be able to be involved in difficult discussions and handle themselves moderately well in most circumstances (while accepting that no-one is perfect - in fact “how does this person recover from a human error that they made” is an important factor - luckily for me :sweat_smile:)

Hope this helps.