Site notifications for Twitch Go streamers

I’d like to draw attention to the fact that more recently the site notification system has been used to advertise Twitch streamers playing Go, which in itself is fantastic; the more people watching and interacting with Go the better. It does need to be noted however that sometimes these streamers can be at offensive and/or rude, which I feel isn’t something that OGS should associate itself with, let alone advertise.

I have one very specific example, without drawing attention to anyone. After clicking the link to a twitch stream, within one minute I heard the streamer refer to people playing in one of the other advertised games as a insert derogatory term here. I don’t think this is acceptable.

Perhaps some discretion should be taken before linking to essentially unmoderated streams?

Kind regards!


I’ve heard a streamer calling his opponent, among other things, a ****** ****. In the end… all it does is reflect negatively on the streamer. I would recommend chatting with a mod instead of posting a forum topic. You can’t make the stream advertisement undone but you might be able to encourage some constructive dialogue between streamer and mods - if OGS even has to care at all. Usually this is dealt with in a disclaimer, though I get why you would count stream links to count as endorsements, even though I see them as distinct.

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It was probably some banter that you heard out of context. I’ve watched many Go streamers and none of them are unpleasant (though I don’t watch dwyrin…)