Site support for a friend


I want to offer a friend to be a site supporter.

I could give him the money and he could do it himself. But I want to do it for him and pay OGS directly

I am already a Kyu level supporter

But I want to pay Dan level for a friend of mine.

Is there already a way to achieve that?

Bonus if your interface shows his support status is a gift !

Thank you


Hello shigazaru, unfortunately there is no such option in our interface currently.

Unless they are such a good friend that you know their password and want to sneakily log in and pay, there might be no other alternative.

Sorry :frowning:

Maybe keep the idea as a feature request?

Very much like an extra contribution but I want to assign a username to that monthly donation


It’s marked on Github here: Ability to gift supporter subscription · Issue #1394 · online-go/ · GitHub. I think the issue is implementation. I haven’t heard anyone say it’s a bad idea. Quite the contrary. :smiley: :+1: