Site supporter status disappeared [resolved]

Hi there,

First, thanks for the great experience of online go your are providing us here.
I contributed to become a site supporter some months ago and it worked well until today.
I lost my supporter status. I don’t understand how it works and if I should have expected this.

Can you give me some hints on this please? Thanks!

Hello, and our appologies if there is some mistake. This certainly should not happen. If you can (depending on your way of payment) check if the last ammount went through, or of course if you have not gotten a new card recently. A stab in the dark but sometimes one misses these things.

I have started a full review on your most recent game just so you do not miss out too much :slight_smile: @anoek will have to troubleshoot the rest, he will be sure to contact you.

Sorry again.



Thanks for your quick answer! All good on OGS side. It was a one time donation which lasts one year. I didn’t know about that. I am just letting this here in case anyone encounters the same thing.
Now let’s donate again :smiley:

Many thanks!