Site Supporter Status Issue

I setup a recurring payment of $3.00 per month today.

And I saw the site supporter status initially though now it has gone away and the ads are back, etc. When I click on the “become a site supporter today!” link I get the following:

Thank you for your support!

You are currently supporting us with $3.00 per month from your paypal account, thanks!

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We see this has been happening lately. You originally had another subscription set up and canceled that one in order to do another one. Sometimes via paypal we get a post for the cancel of the old account well after you sign up for the new account which is weird.

I’ve gone ahead and fixed up your supporter status, sorry for the inconvenience!


I am also seeing adverts despite my profile saying site supporter!
I didn’t have a previous subscription however.

edit: scrap that, a logout/login seems to have cleared that up!

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Thank you @matburt!

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I also see ads, since a week or two, despite being a site supporter. Logout/login does not help in my case.