Sitewide tournaments - still alive?

Are the automatic sitewide tournaments ever really played much these days? I admit I don’t check them terribly often, but every time I have they seem to only get a couple of players, never enough to start. Or do people usually wait until right before start time to sign up?

Maybe it’s because I usually only check the 19x19 ones, and maybe they are less popular…

I think it depends on the time of day, some being more popular than others.

I also expect a sort of crowd effect, where if there are already some people it will attract others, while if there are none or not enough to start, people are less likely to sign up.

It probably depends some on who’s already there (if anyone) also. I do admit that as a DDK player I’ll be less likely to sign up for a tournament that only has dan players registered so far… at least for non-handicap tournaments, which seems to be pretty much all of them.

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There’s certainly been a wide range of ranks signing up to some of the recent tournaments in the last couple of days like the live 19x19

Live 19x19 Swiss Tournament 2022-04-11 12:30, Live 19x19 Swiss Tournament 2022-04-11 08:30, Live 19x19 Swiss Tournament 2022-04-10 04:30 (decent number within 8kyu - 25kyu) but I think the live ones being swiss are a bit long for some people to be able to stay to the last round.

Some maybe not as balanced in the DDK ranged Blitz 19x19 Elimination Tournament 2022-04-11 17:30 but some a bit better Blitz 19x19 Elimination Tournament 2022-04-11 09:30 .

You can see some past tournaments here Play Go at! | OGS under archive.

Thanks! I probably just haven’t been looking widely enough.

I play a lot of ASTs, at least that is what I want to do but more than 50-60% of the ASTs never take place because there are not enough participants.

In the ASTs that do take place the first round often has a fair amount of no shows (players who did register but do not play for some reason).

Maybe there are just too many ASTs ( one AST per hour).