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If not in some obvious joseki or straight forward game I think between 2min and 10min per move. Sometimes more, especially when I have to count. Everything shorter leads to blitzing. While I manage to juggle this over a week I cannot do this every evening. (And where I work, they fire me if I play games during work time.)

Yep, I assumed that the title tournaments are going to be replaced by the new tournament. I’m glad they stay. Thank you for clarifying this point. I don’t mind if there are different time settings for different tournaments, as long there is one which suits my playing schedule. Variety might be a very good thing here. And it will also show which time settings are more popular.

That would definitively speed up the games, but I’d probably be screwed. It works as long as your opponent reacts quickly so that you get 2 moves in per evening. If your opponent plays 6 hours after your move, you cannot play on evenings only. But I’m not playing in the ladder, so my opinion doesn’t count. I’d like to hear some opinions from the ladder players on the 7 to 3 days move though. It is very quiet in this regard.



For general correspondence tournaments and ladders we’ll likely keep base move time set to a day. I’m currently satisfied with the overall speed of tournament and ladders games especially with the ceiling at 3d for now.

If this ever becomes more of an issue then we will revisit it, in the meantime we can consider creating tournaments with slightly lower per-move times (which we have also done in the past).



Given that after the rankings update most begginers will reach 20k very soon, it’s no longer justified to distinguish between 10-19k and 20-30k players. Therefore, DDKs will be 10k-30k players, as is normally stated. I’ve already edited the post.



Bye, bye, site tournaments!
Recently I started almost in all of them, normally moving twice a day - mroning and evening. But I have often 3-5 days without possibility to play, so using max time 2-3 days forced me to use vacations, but I have no enough days of vacations to effort it. 7 days, as mentioned in other posts makes little difference to 3 days. Please, let it be 7 days.

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Don’t worry, @Julko. We’ll add more variety of tournaments in the near future.

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I suppose, a long time SWT can also be justified. But people need to be warned that it may take forever. :smiley:

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I have a question: why there should not be also some Round Robin tournament for 9x9 and 13x13? Just asking, if there are any problems of any kind it is absolutely ok. And for live tournaments 5s for 9x9 is too small. Smaller board doesn’t mean less thinking (unless you are a bot ^.^). Just increase it a bit, for example 15s, 5s is really, really fast… 9x9 is small board already, so no need to speed it up so much. :slight_smile:

When talking about live tournaments, when are they going to be created, and how often are you going to organize them?



@Franzisa: Yes, they are pretty requested, so we can do them. They’ll have to be Round Robins though, so that they don’t have multiple rounds. In that case they will take forever. :smile: Do you all think it would be ok to do them for all ranks?

@ST000MA: The idea is to compress all the preferences in the least amount of tournaments posible, so that they don’t stay there open with no players joining in. Is there a problem in doing Simultaneous Mac Mahon to play 9x9 and 13x13? There are a bunch of little Round Robins anyway.
About Live Tournaments, 5s is the increment, not the main time. You have a 3m main time, which should be enough. However, we’ll see how they work and modify them if they don’t suit. About the schedule, we are going to post them here. Probably we’ll start them in August weekends, every time we directors can be there.



Ok. I just thought boards should be equal, but I guess they are not because most people plays only 19x19. Thanks anyway!

About timing: although 5s in only increment, 3m+5s is ~10.1s per move, for other boards it is much bigger. Usually that is enough (for me, not sure for all players), but for some move sometimes I have to think more, so 10 or 15s increment would be much better.

Thank you!



I guess we can make that one the same as 13x13 (5m+10s inc). It’s not a big deal. Let’s try that :smile:

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All right people, we’ve scheduled the Live Tournaments for the following months as follows:

  • First Sunday of the month: 9x9 tournaments.
  • Second Sunday of the month: 19x19 tournaments.
  • Third Sunday of the month: 13x13 tournaments.
  • Fourth Sunday of the month: 19x19 tournaments.
  • Fifth Sunday of the month (if there is): no tournament.

Tournaments time will be:

  • In August: 0:00 UTC
  • In September: 18:00 UTC
  • In October: 0:00 UTC
  • In November: 18:00 UTC

Check out the modifications we’ve done on the main post.

  • There will be a maximum of 5 rounds, so 19x19 tournaments may take a while (maybe 4 hours).
  • We’ve included beginners (20k-30k players) only in the 9x9s. That’s going to be revisited after the ranks update.




I forgot about one thing. We will start this Sunday (27th July) with 19x19 tournaments at 0:00 UTC. :smiley:



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I participated in the SDK 9x9 tournament, there were 6 7 registered players. 3 of the players were actually online when the tournament started.
The tournament had two rounds.
In the first round, the three online players won against the three offline players.
In the second round, two online players were paired against each other, while the third played an offline player.
So, there was only 1 actual game in the tournament, and 5 games where at least one player did not move.
The player who won this game won the tournament, due to SODOS, while the third online player was, from the beginning, guaranteed to get the second place, not less and not more.

I think, this shows two issues:

  1. Players who are not online when the tournament starts should be excluded from it, just like in a "real" tournament. This could be done by requiring the players to register/acknowledge the registration right before (two hours before?) the tournament starts
  2. For a swiss tournament with 6 players, 2 rounds are not enough. Maybe the rounds formula could be adjusted.

Edit: Anyway, I don’t regret registering to the tournament. Better than nothing.

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We certainly hope that we can solve most of the issues over time (With tournament system adjustments, more players, etc.)

Thanks for participating! :smiley:



I played today in the 9x9 DDK tournament, and it was really cool, I hope more people begins to enter it to make it better and even more challenging, maybe some kind of site announcement pointing to the forum…
And following some thoughts of @LinuxGooo I think that would be good if OGS had a official google calendar with the dates of the site wide tournaments like @Franzisa did once with this calendar
Also I think the rank in the tournament could be improved, in my tournament the first two people got the same amount of points, but one of them got first place and the other got second, in my thoughts it should works like this:

Rank          Points
1                    5
1                    5
3                    3
3                    3
5                    1

I was really excited with the tournament tonight and it went better than I expected, looking forward to the next weekend live tournaments, thanks for the great work to all involved staff and players!



Now that the ranking system is working well and the beginners zone is more volatile, we’ll put all DDK players (10k-30k) together in all the tournaments having rank restrictions.



Would it be easy to display the tournament’s starting time on OGS using the user’s timezone?

I saw European Timezone Tournament shows its starting time in my timezone.

European Timezone Tournament - Kyu Players - 19x19 - 10. August
8/10/2014, 8:13:27 PM (<== this is the starting time in my timezone)
Tournament opened for all kyu players and scheduled for european players time zone.
Timetable : The tournament start at 1pm GMT

It would be less of a hustle to recheck the starting time the day before, or when the next round is about to start or in case the tournament have a change in time.



Another option would be to create a google calendar which users could link to and display on their own calendar. Would make conversion to the user time zone much easier.



Hey Tom_Newman:

There was a community project about a Google calendar, but I think it stagnated at some point. Feel free to revive it though, and I will add it to the main announcement! :blush:

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