Six degrees of professionals' separation game

This game is a bit like the professionals’ attributes game, but you don’t have to keep track of anything.

Take the name of the professional given by the person before you, and play a pro who is related to them in some way, not necessarily as family – the relation could also be teacher and student, opponents in a match, etc.

I’ll start with Fujisawa Rina.

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@gennan Want to upgrade from liking to playing? :D

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I’ll do you one. I don’t know much about professionals but this one is low hanging fruit.

Sumire Nakamura

They’re playing the Women’s Meijin finals.

(They also happen to be the youngest two women to ever become pro in Japan)

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Played. Sumire lost 0–2 ;__;

Really? Bummer. I was hoping for an underdog story.

I think her first game was better than her second.

In the first, she spent a lot of time at about 35%, which is, what, two points down? Three? And for plenty of the game she was at 40%, 50%, even 65%.

In the second, she played a bit too dynamically (?) and collapsed.

By the way, Cho U’s younger daughter Cho Koharu just qualified. She’s the new youngest professional of the Nihon Ki-in.

She’s 12 yr 4 m to Rina’s 11 yr 6 m and Sumire’s 10 yr 0 m.

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Nakamura Shin’ya, Sumire’s father.

He played two matches in the 1990s.