Six printed copies left to send out for free

Hello everyone.

I have six printed copies left of the English version of the book produced by the Multilingual Go Book Project.

If anyone wants a copy to read, to give to a friend or for his book collection, just let me know, send me the adress of the reciepient in a private message and I will send you the book along with a tracking number for the package.
The books are always given for free, as per the project’s set goals, so there is no cost for anyone that might want a copy.

Be well :slight_smile:


Four left now.

edit: Zero left now. I hope everyone find them useful :slight_smile:


The books were all accounted for almost 60 minutes after I made the announcement here and in redit and lifein19x19. It seems to me that I might need to print some more, since there is some demand for them :slight_smile:

The printing company unfortunately cannot just print me 5 or 10 copies and they work on minimum of 25 books per order, so it might take me a bit to get them printed. I want to thank everyone that send me a message for a book for their kind words and I am sorry to have disappointed the people that didn’t manage to get a book.

Till next time :slight_smile: