Slate and Shell out of print

I am after a couple of out of print slate and shell books and these are not in epub format yet. I wondered if they had ever considered scanning and then selling the scans. I could bind the thing myself then.

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It’d be nice if they made more epubs or versions for smartgobooks.

I’m not sure how to encourage them to convert more of their books to that format :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I think switching over to selling .pdf would be a great alternative for the western Go world. It’s common with the table top rpg community, that also suffers from a lack of customers, that are spread very thinly (If you aren’t playing one of the more common systems).

…I realize now, I somehow always pick hobbies that are kind of “exotic”, where Material is hard to get. :neutral_face:


Any particular books you’re searching for?


Atorrante - I am talking about buying the scans FROM the copyright holder (not from some random person with the book). The idea being that instead of them generating stock and selling the printed material they send the scans and I print it. Much like print on demand except I am doing the printing and paying for the privilege.

Vsotvep - Mainly the Fairbairn books like 9-dan showdown. Which all look interesting but are mainly out of print. Some are on epub but I have found it difficult getting an epub reader on windows 10 that will cope plus they all look like nice books to take out and ‘read’.


The smart go books suggest some epub readers to use

  • Readium Desktop/Thorium Reader v1.1.1
  • Calibre

Some flaws are pointed out there to each one.

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