Slow browser response

Just recently - from around a week or so ago - the game interface is running very slow. Placing a stone will produce a sound after a couple of seconds, the stone arriving anything between 6 to 9 seconds later. “Error submitting move” will also occur occasionally. This on android 6.0.1 and on 5th generation Kindle fire. IOS 12.5 is fine, stones appear immediately. It happens on Chrome, Duckduckgo and Firefox. Flushed cache and cleared memory. removed apps etc to no avail. Any reason why this is happening? Internet speed is fine. Other sites working ok as usual. :slight_smile:


Quite the variety of environments! I didn’t even know DDG had a browser!

DDG is good - very light and no trackers. I forgot to mention Brave and Edge :grin:. The gods must have been listening - I’ve just logged in and it’s working fine on all of them! No idea why. This sluggish response has been consistent for days on end. Hey ho. Wot larks.


I have experienced the same slowness these days.

It’s very erratic. Earlier today it seemed ok, but now it’s very sluggish again. It does seem to be the OGS site - all other sites work ok. It seems to be mainly affecting graphics. I can place a stone and with no sign of it on the board but “submit move” will appear - the stone arriving 4 or 5 seconds later. The analysis board is a joke, everything takes forever.

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