Slow connections and games

I have a high latency slow connection (mobile & satellite internet in South Sudan).

I have noticed game pages are comparatively slower to open than other pages in my various OGS & OGF (and elsewhere) browsings.

Game pages open but stall on the red loading message quite often. Relatedly (I believe), I also get error submitting move a lot. The forum pages are comparatively much quicker to respond.

Is there any data I can provide or that can be gleaned from my connection that could help improve things for people like me?

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I sometimes have sketchy connection, and I have found that playing on my phone (not on the app, on my phone’s browser) responds much better than my laptop (on the same connection, my mobile data).

Is this a temporary solution you can try?

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90% of the time I am on mobile browser (chrome on android). I did try the Online Go app at some point, but it did not work as well as the browser, so have not been using it.

I could try another browser and see if there’s any difference.

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