Slow (i.e. max. 7–12 or more days) Tournaments/Ladders

Hey everybody, I feel kinda lost — how can I find the slowest tournaments/ladders?

With my workload and schedule (and depression) the faster ones are simply too stressy for me, and I’d like to join some real slow tournament or ladder.

Thankful for any hint,


DGS for ladders

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OGS Title Tournaments use time control 1wk + 1d up to 1wk.
DGS 19x19 ladder is 10d + 1d4h up to 10d.

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Tournaments with 14d max or more seem to be rare these days, you’ll probably have to create your own (here or on DGS).
As other sites are being mentioned, all tournaments on Little Golem are F:10d+36h<10d. Go tournaments on FICGS are, IIRC, F:30d+1d<30d.

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Thank you, @saxmaam, @tegais, @temifar!

  1. For the time being, I’d like to stay here on OGS for playing Go.
  2. I’ll watch those OGS Title Tournaments, joined that group, thanks!
  3. Guess I’ll first wait until all my running games are done, and then I might create “my own” tournament for real sloooooow games (assistance welcome).

Thanks again, Tom

Making your own tournament is easy and works well.

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Thx again, @saxmaam, I’ll look into it as soon as I find some time!

The hardest part of tournament creation is probably inventing a name for it. You’ll need something catchy, like Turtle Power! or maybe Slowpoke Mega-Evolution Contest. :slight_smile:
Let us know when you’re done, I do not mind joining something real sloooooow.

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Please, invite me to your tournament as settled!

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Heh, @temifar, @Julko, I hope I’ll remember to notify you here when that happens. Currently I’m fighting work and circumstances, so it can be a while until.

Greetings, Tom