Slow Internet / Disconnected warning

Would it be possible to opt out of this warning/pop-up?

I live in South Sudan. I know my internet is slow as molasses, this is why I don’t play live games. I’d rather not get a bright red pop-up reminding me of this everytime I open the site.


It even shows up in zen mode. It seems like the complete antithesis of zen mode.

It flashes on and off in red while I’m trying to study a game with 1 week left on the clock. I’m not sure if I can express how much I dislike this feature.


Hmm, yeah that shouldn’t be triggering without an abnormal spike in latency, it’s intent is to be an indicator for when your connection might be starting to get spotty kind of thing. When that’s the norm however, I could see that needing a toggle to simply disable the indicator.

I’ve disabled it for folks who are not on the experimental interface features for now as we revisit those things.


Thanks for the quick response and quick fix. I know my situation is unusual but I hope not unique.

I’ve disabled experimental features for now. In the long term my suggestion is to make it it toggleable or appear only for live games or both.


maybe do transparency option like with variations? 50% default, to turn off 100% transparent.

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I think it’s needed in Zen mode like anywhere else. I don’t think you want to be so Zen’ed out that you don’t realise that you are about to time out due to a disconnection.

Maybe it shouldn’t be red in Zen mode :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about “slow internet” as the label: the gist of it is that we are not hearing from the server, which means your game will time out without you being aware.

It’s possible that “slow internet” is giving you the idea that “everything is OK, things are just a bit slow”?

(Technically, the difference between the labels “slow internet” and “disconnected” that can pop up is that in one case we’re certain we are disconnected, in the other case we just haven’t heard back for a while)


Perhaps it should only show up when you play a live game. It makes no sense to worry about slow internet when you are on the front page of OGS, or when you are playing a correspondence game.


We’re chatting about that. Maybe there are places where you care less or more … but for example, do you want to be joining a live game when your server connection is down?

In fact - you can’t even join a game when your connection is down - wouldn’t you like to know why?

Same with correspondence games: we get complaints about “Error submitting move” … yeah, that’s because you’re disconnected.

All in all, personally I’d like to make it a useful indication when it shows up - IE something you want to know - which means don’t show it if it’s not “correct”.

Right now we’re problem solving in the “wrong direction”.

The (single person) complaint was “I have super slow internet” … so we need to detect that this is the case and not show it for that case, rather than taking it away for everyone in unrelated situations like “don’t show in correspondence games”.

You can’t usefully use OGS if the connection to the server is dodgy, so you might as well know about that, and if you can use OGS, then we should not be warning you that it’s broken.


Its actually bit distracting everywhere when it pops up for split second and disappears instantly, i can see it makes sense in a game pages, but elsewhere its not really all that useful

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Wow, didn’t expect many go players there.


Once again, if it is appearing when you don’t have an actual connection issue, then we should fix that.

It’s not the place where its appearing that is the problem, it’s the fact that it’s appearing when the connection is fine.

If that is in fact true - that your connection is fine :thinking: :female_detective:

FWIW it’s only going to appear if we didn’t get a reply to a ping from the server ( * ).

It’s interesting to hear if this is happening to people, and how much. When we know what that looks like, we can tune it.

*: or if there’s a bug :sweat_smile:

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I think I might be seeing it every time I switch back to a tab that I haven’t used for a while (Android Brave on a great connection).


It seems to appear whenever im browsing some page that takes a while to load by using ‘back’ button on my browser, for example my profile page. Guess thats because the page itself takes so long to load, its prolly not my internetconnection falling apart.

Im just saying that its bit distracting to get a red notification for 0.2 seconds, it flickers there fast enough to be noticed, but not usually long enough to read what it says. Unless im in a game with short timesettings, i dont really want to have that warning visible on any other pages.


Your browser may be killing the tab process when you move away and then resurrecting it on your return as a memory/battery saving feature.


What if you’re in a game with longish time settings. but in the last byo-yomi :wink:

This is a good clue. It might be that your internet connection is in fact dodgy, that makes that page load slowly, or it might be that we have an actual issue pinging and serving profile pages at the same time.

The more specific you can be about where you see this, the better.

FWIW your profile page loads instantly for me.

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Right, but I’ve never seen a site give me a big red warning about that, since it’s expected behavior.

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I dont think Uberdude was meaning that “therefore this is OK” - it’s just part of working out what is “expected behaviour” so that we can take “expected behaviour” into account with this much-requested feature…

(for example, I didn’t know that it’s expected behaviour to use OGS on a connection that has >6s latency!)

… one conclusion we’re reaching is that we are going to need some user-context with this warning.

On the one hand you want to know immediately if there’s a problem while you’re in a live game.

On the other hand, you don’t want to know about transient conditions if you’re doing anything else.


Since Koba was talking about the back button - if I remember correctly, Firefox generally maintains the state of the page and continues running it from where you left off, while Chromium browsers restart from scratch each time you go back to a page.

Are you maybe assuming the Chrome behavior and effectively warning all Firefox users who click the back button?

I dunno - I’m not sure why a re-render would manifest as a lost packet?

Maybe it does… we’re finding out I guess :slight_smile:

Oh - do you mean that “maintains the state” means that we’re measuring time since last packet, but not getting the code running the response to the ping run while he’s on a different pate? That’d certainly do it! I wonder how we notice the “continues running from where you left off” event? :face_with_monocle:

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Indeed. This new browser feature is quite annoying for application developers. For example my work product we have a download report button that can take a while to generate so the UI polls the server until it’s done then downloads it. Users reported it was broken, file generated fine but they never got it, turned out they switched tabs whilst waiting, which used to be fine but not in latest Chrome as that killed the poller. So we had to deliver it via a persistent notification.

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