Slow internet/disconnected warning

The “slow/disconnected” internet warning is now live for everyone.

It’s been tweaked so you only see the banner version if you are player in a live game that’s likely to be affected by the latency - in all other cases it’s just the discreet icon in the top right.


Hmmm, still seeing this:

I don’t have any life games going.

Did you reload the page? That’d be needed.

After that, if you’re still getting it, then it would be a great help to have a screenshot with the browser console open…

I (think I) reloaded the page. Of course now my connection isn’t slow anymore now. :roll_eyes:

Will watch it …

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I get the banner notification not the discreet notification in correspondence games. I do get the discreet notification on non-game pages.

What does the new toggle in settings “Warn when slowdowns are detected” do?

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Just got the banner again on a correspondence game.

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Sounds like a bug - any chance of a browser-console screenshot?~

Never mind, definitely a bug, mea-culpa!

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I just did some testing - ongoing games that I am playing in have the banner - all other pages have the discreet icon, including live games I am observing and completed games.

I have screenshots, but seems you have it figured out.


The fixup for “Slow internet banner appearing when the internet is slow but it’s a correspondence game so we don’t care” is on its way now.

I still remember thinking … “Hey, I’ll just pop in an indicator if the network is out, should be quick and easy” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


^^ This fix is in now.

You definitely need to reload the page to get the fix before turning off your internet to test if it works :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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