Slow live time setting

I just checked, 4 hours is max absolute time on OGS. I’ll go with that and report back.


Why is everyone so against gia playing with absolute time? Her situation sounds like the perfect use for this time setting…

She gets full access to the reservoir from the start and a guarantee that the game can’t go longer than 8 hours

And she’s getting all these suggestions to play with limited access to a reservoir and a game that could potentially extend longer than 8 hours beyond her control…

I’m at a loss, frankly.


You’ll need pauses when sleeping (for more than 4 hours) during live games, or convince anoek that your work-setting-games should be considered live games. But maybe they should be considered as fast correspondence games, as you’ll be focusing on other stuff a lot.

Edit, should have quoted:

There is still a lot of room left between slow live and fast correspondence.
I think 1 move per 12 hours is already considered fast correspondence. These slow live settings are 1 move per 2 minutes, 360 times faster than fast correspondence!


Because absolute time games are reliably abused … unless you are playing with someone you know.

This is what I always say to people who report “Absolute Time Abuse” : just don’t play that setting unless you know your opponent, it will save a lot of heartache.


most people don’t sleep during their standard work day…

these time settings ARE live time settings…

Maybe, but anoek has been pretty resistant to proposals to lower the corr setting in the past IIRC


Gia has already acknowledged this possibility and demonstrated her acceptance of it.

More importantly, she has stated her desires clearly as starting with a large buffer and finishing with a hard cut off, and none of the other time settings fit these desires.

One could even argue, if one had a mind to, that Gia herself was intending to “abuse” this time setting, since she fully intends to be called away for work for possibly large chunks of time, through which her opponent just needs to sit around and wait for her… so the potential for “abuse” as you call it, by very nature of being inherent to the time setting, falls equally on both sides.


That’s a good point: the time setting you chose sets some expectation about turn rate … I think someone accepting an absolute time game is expecting a regular flow of moves, not bursty ones from coffee breaks… in fact, will this “use case” result in the disconnect timer kicking in anyhow?

If you’re not intending to play actually live, then correspondence settings seem to be the answer!


If she can keep the game tab open while she does other things (phone calls, emails, etc.) then the game won’t get Zeused.

Corr settings would 100% be the answer if we had a way to limit them to a maximum game time of 8 hours… I think there is a legitimate use case for wanting a long slow game that does not overflow into an additional day.


this kinda reminds me of…

(insert meme here - can't find it...)

The one that says you accepted my time settings now you’re asking me to play faster, don’t be like that.


Yes - it’s very applicable (and one of my favourite bookmarked memes to quote), but as with many things - you can’t abdicate judgement just because the rules or implementation say something.

I believe the moderators would “take a dim view” of someone setting up a 1 hour game and not playing their second move until the last 1 minute. This could be seen as “you accepted my time settings”, but that would be a bad judgement call.


Yes certainly this extreme example you provided would be frowned up, but if Gia made it clear at the start of the game that there may be times she gets called away, wouldn’t that be acceptable?

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I actually checked your index, and searched for the keyword “time” but somehow it didn’t show up… thanks for the link

I think there was a misunderstanding, I was reacting to a slightly older post by gia. I’ve added the quote now.

I’m someone, and I wouldn’t expect a regular flow… I mean, I’m one person so maybe the exception, but still.

Well, of course if it’s a normal work day I won’t even consider it, I was talking about uncharacteristically slow days. There’s no point in starting a game if I predict I won’t be able to actually play! But even slow days include at least some time I won’t be over the goban.

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Seems like if few people were interested, that could be a fun mini tournament. But unfortunately there seems to be no option for a single-round tournament where everyone gets just one game.

A tournament with just one game doesn’t make sense, you can’t determine a winner that way. But maybe a Round Robin with 4 players?

There will be a winner, maybe not a very fairly chosen one, but does it matter if it’s just for fun? In another tournament, I’m currently tied for first after eight games so not convinced that the normal settings achieve this either.

Maybe round robin 9x9 could work.

Personally I wouldn’t go for ranked games during work, so not in tournament, but it could be fun.


Or instead of a tournament, it could be possible to create an OGS group called “slow life” (or whatever) and schedule meetings, say from 8:00 UTC to 16:00 UTC (or 12:00 - 20:00). Some people might be able to handle several simultaneous games, while busier people would only play one game.