Sluggish board response

This is revisiting a query already raised by me a couple of weeks ago. Stones are taking up from anything between 6 and 30 seconds to appear on the board. Once they appear and I submit the move it can take up to 30 seconds to confirm the move, usually preceded by an error message which then clears the screen followed by the click of the stone. The next game will take up to 30 seconds to appear and on it goes. Sometimes the click of the stone will happen half way between entering the move and the stone appearing on the board. It only seems to happen in the evenings from 8/9 pm UK time. It happens with all browsers, not on any other sites which open at usual speed and speedtest shows 7Mbps. This on Android 6.1 or IOS 12. Could it be a surge of activity on OGS servers when USA wakes up and logs in?

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