Small failure in new tutorial

Not sure I am in the right category.

In the new “learn to play go” tutorial (access via burger upleft) the first puzzle on defense section seems wrong. B doesn’t need to add a stone.
Everything else looks fine but I find this one confusing as black in fact doesn’t have to add a stone yet. He will add it only if w play first inside.
It’s confusing for someone who just learned what is an eye somewhere else and do the quizz and then think he missunderstood what he read before.
Here there’s is only 1 way: pass


Or change the puzzle so there are only 3 spaces in the corner and the 2-1 is then necessary.

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You sometimes see beginners who spend all their moves just making eyes. I think problems like this encourage that. Hopefully it can get changed soon.


@Here_We_Go’s suggestion makes sense since the move is necessary there. However though, @MooToYouToo isn’t it important for a new player to know that they have two options to make two eyes here like the problem mentions. That way, they then know they don’t actually have to play in future because it’s miai. So it’s not as bad as made out?