Small suggestion for the lobby interface

I really like the lobby!

But, it would be nice if the “[12:16] SomePlayer (30k) is looking for a game, 19x19 20m+5x30s byo-yomi” announcements, which are great, showed the proposed handicap. At the moment I’m afraid to hit Accept because I don’t know what kind of game I’ll be getting into… I realise this is kind of selfish, but at this stage in my life giving someone else nine stones does not seem appealing.

Not a solution but a workaround would be to find the same game from the small graph left to the main chat. Hover your mouse on top of the dots in it. You can also click the dots to make the hovering things to stick.
I have personally disabled all “game offer” and “game start” messages from cluttering my chat.

Yeah been meaning to do that for awhile now… i’ll bump it up on the todo list again :slight_smile: