Smart Go’s “Go Books” now also as ePub

This will make many people very happy.

Anders Kierulf had announced his plans in November already, and now the first stack of ePubs is out …
(I for one still prefer real books, but the ability to play through diagrams in the Go Books app (iOS + macOS) is awesome. Not sure whether that’s possible in the ePubs though.)
One awesome feature of Go Books is that you buy once, use on all your devices (either through the app or as ePub).


I’m happy already, @trohde. Thank you for sharing the good news. :)

I just tried it. Yes you can play through the problems on the ePub books. This is huge imho.


That is awesome. Can anyone recommend an ePub reader for Android that supports the interactive diagram? The ones I’ve tried triggers an explicit disclaimer that says the diagrams aren’t supported in my reader.

I tried Gitden reader on some of the epub samples and it seems to work ok