SmartGo Kifu or Tsumego Pro?

I’m looking for a Tsumego app and I’m wondering if I should go with SmartGo Kifu or Tsumego Pro first.
Any suggestions? I’ma 20kyu.

SmartGo Kifu has tsumego (2044), really big library of pro games (105 323), it can play Go with you and has some other nice functions. Tsumego Pro has about same number of tsumego and nothing more. So I think SmartGo Kifu is a good deal, but if you want only tsumego, Tsumego Pro with all problem libraries is cheaper.


And last time I checked, SmartGo was for iDevices only. Tsumego Pro is available for everyone.

Yes, but since OP asks about SmartGo Kifu also, I’d assume they use iOS.

My personal answer would simply be “yes”, as I want to have ALL available Go apps on my iDevice(s), if only to support developers who dare to develop for our tiny market segment.

SmartGo Kifu has been called “the Swiss Army Knife of Go apps”; I personally believe it is a MUST HAVE, also for including the GoGoD collection of games. But I also have Tsumego Pro and use it somewhat regularly.

You may also want to look at EasyGo (which I Iike a lot, there is a free “Light” version also) and BadukPop which was created in co-operation with Hajin Lee. The latter is free but has in-game purchases that, among other things, allow to override the ~1 hr pause if you have used up your “tickets” by not solving puzzles.


Thanks for your input! Does SmartGo Kifu have updated Joseki? The only version I’ve used is pretty old. Does it have modern/AI Joseki?

The Mac version contains Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary so I presume the iOS SmartGo uses it too. But how moder joseki it contains I don’t know, maybe @trohde will know.

No, I’m sorry, TBH, all I’ve ever done with SmartGo Kifu is Tsumego and record a few live games a thousand years ago.

iOS smart go has a joseki and fuseki feature where you can put stones on a blank board, then click joseki/fuseki and it’ll compare the local/global position to its database (gogod I think) of games and tell you moves from pro games and how many games etc, allowing you to click and view the games.

It’s similar to walthieri.

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Thanks! Do you know if the database ever updates? I’m looking for something that includes modern joseki/games.

They do, I’m not exactly sure how frequently. At the moment the most recent games I have are from October 2019. My guess it’s whenever the database updates.

There’s some info here about the app

About gogod from SmartGo

And the gogod website


BadukPop has been expanded quite a lot over recent months, it now has tsumego by type (life & death, tesuji, endgame), lessons, playing on line, league tables, amongst other goodies. Worth checking out or revisiting.