Snack like a pro

This is my favorite part of title matches - food! It’s often overlooked because stronger players are too interested in the game and weaker players fall asleep. So I decided to make a thread about it. I’m not good with Japanese so probably I’m not going to attempt translate specific meal names.

Today we had Shibano Toramaru vs Iyama Yuta Oza title game 3.

Lunch, left (first) - Iyama, right (second) - Shibano

Snack. Iyama (first) - fruits, hot coffee. Shibano (second) - shingen peach(?), iced coffee.


Today we had Iyama Yuta vs Kyo Kagen Tengensen game 3.

10:30 snack. Iyama - hot coffee. Kyo - fruits (pictured) and hot black tea.

Lunch. Iyama (first) - tempura soba, Kyo - beef curry. I guess.

14 o’clock snack. Iyama - fruits, hot coffee. Kyo - fruits, shortcake, hot coffee and iced black tea.
Pictured: Kyo’s fruits and cake.


This thread is great :smiley:

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They are champions, famous people, right?
So I suppose there’s some interest also on this part of their life, but when I see articles about this kind of details I always wonder if we could also know the brand of their underwear! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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In earlier times, students of many disciplines would even go as far as learning how their masters go to the bathroom, to copy every aspect of their life as fully as possible.


Today we had Iyama Yuta vs Shibano Toramaru Oza title game 4

Lunch. Iyama (first) - nigirizushi. Shibano (second) - tempura udon.

Snack. Shibano (first) - cheesecake, iced coffee. Iyama (second) - fruits, apple juice.



Iyama Yuta (first) - sansai soba, onigiri. Kyo Kagen (second) - beef curry, salad and grapefruit juice.


Iyama played Kono Rin in two day match.


You’re kidding me (pun intended, PG filter applied).