So Apparently I Illegally Tried to Change the Score of a Match?

To make this clear, I am a complete beginner.

It said to remove all dead pieces at the end, and I didn’t know what that meant. It let me click on every piece I had played, so I did in the benefit of my opponent because if I messed anything up it would be in their favor.

What I’m confused about is this: how did I cheat? It let me click them, so shouldn’t that mean it’s OK?

I want to prevent this from happening again, so I want all advice possible.

The computer tries to figure out what is dead and what is alive, but sometimes it makes mistakes which is why players can manually adjust it. If the computer thinks a dead group is alive, but you are pretty sure it is dead, then you can mark it that way. However, you shouldn’t just mark all of your stones as dead just because you think there’s a chance you may have messed up.

If you believe a group is dead but are mistaken, your opponent can opt to continue the game. If it is truly dead then your opponent should be able to kill it, if it’s not, you should be able to save it.

Is it possible the stones were already marked dead (by your opponent or the computer)? Perhaps your opponent reported your game because you had marked stones alive that should have been dead.

Stones will look opaque when alive and semi transparent when dead.


For example, in this game, all the black stones should have been declared dead, but they all are marked alive:

A proper scoring would look something like this:


Here is what happened

Is this correct?

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That looks correct

Huh. Interesting

I’m slightly confused. Why do you think you cheated? I believe this is the game: Дружеский матч

There doesn’t appear to be anything in the chatbox. Were you reported for cheating?

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Yes, that is the game. At the time my email wasn’t verified yet so I couldn’t use the chat. I have no clue if someone reported me or what happened.

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Your opponent reported you for cheating.

That’s because you were clicking on the board setting the score incorrectly in the process.

The intention is that if you are happy with the score that’s showing, you should just accept it.

You received what is a very standard warning - and you did the right thing, which is enquire why.

If the moderator at the time had noticed that you were a beginner, they probably would have chosen the standard response more suited to beginners … I’d say human error in this instance that this wasn’t what happened.


Ok, thanks for the response.

How do you correctly set it?

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Most of the time you don’t have to do anything - it works it out for itself.

There are occasions when it gets it wrong - in that case the short answer is:

  • Clicking on stones or spaces marks contiguous groups or territory
  • Shift-clicking on stones or spaces will mark items one at a time.

The longer answer is in the documentation that I linked to.


Ok, I’ll be sure to take a look tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m getting tired and am going to go to bed.