So, did I not know that Michael Redmond plays live games on OGS?

Does that mean that maybe Redmond … hangs out on the forums?


The 3 live games they have going at the moment look like teaching games to me


Yeah, the Game Name is “Osaka Go School Teach”, and they are unranked, so that’d be right…

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Does Michael Redmond sensei also have a discord channel?

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It appears that he does, because it’s mentioned in game chat, but I don’t know where it is…

What a surprising, neat resource. This was the game the first caught my eye - a 9p vs a 6kyu.

After it was done, Redmond did a review with variations

Gonna keep my eye on that game history for sure : )


Out of sheer curiosity - am I the first to remark on this? Or has this been discussed before?

I’m assuming that searching the OGS forum for “Redmond” will probably generate a very poor signal/noise ratio…


I had seen him doing what I expected were teaching games before.

I think in one of the recent live streams on youtube he was talking about doing online lessons or study groups in the future. I’d say keep an eye on his twitter/youtube etc for more info :slight_smile:

Ha! Of course! I should have known that gentleman and scholar S_Alexander would scoop me by a good 17 days. Nice!

Note that the thread is a wiki that was lasted edited 17 days ago. The thread was originally created in March 2020, and Michael Redmond has been on the list since May 2020.

As far as I’m aware, none of the pros seem to be active on the forums (although maybe some lurk). I wonder what they think of our discussion and memes.


Thanks - I figured someone would bring the knowledge.

I don’t know about the discussions but our meme game is on point. :sunglasses:


No, I don’t think he does:



Heya! So, Michael Redmond 9p plays matches for the International Osaka Go School ( As far as I’m aware, that’s the extent of his OGS presence so far. Hope that helps!


I think he has recently been using Patreon and I think plays a game a month with supporters and reviews them.