Professional accounts and games on OGS

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Link Nickname Real name
472 Ten Antti Tormanen
28147 Welvang Tanguy Le Calve
92985 Avtikh Ali Jabarin
141245 Crazywind Ryan Li
172599 Haylee Lee Hajin
176468 Palko Pavol Lisy
479747 Yoonyoung Kim Yoonyoung
603686 yeonwoo Yeonwoo Cho
627430 AndyKravec* Andrii Kravets
646940 AlphaReader Eric Lui
649756 Mr.Reese Andy Liu
655950 artem92 Artem Kachanovskyi
656343 roln90 Ilya Shikshin
657924 mateusz.surma1995 Mateusz Surma
704530 Blackie_BIBA Kim Seungjun

*not marked as pro


Link Black White Date Competition
3668339 Antti Tormanen Lee Hajin 10 January 2016 Exhibition match
18114039 Eric Lui Ali Jabarin 2 June 2019 Transatlantic, R5
18205527 Pavol Lisy Eric Lui 9 June 2019 Transatlantic, R6
18494065 Eric Liu Artem Kachanovskyi 30 June 2019 Transatlantic, R7
18588826 Ilya Shikshin Ryan Li 7 July 2019 Transatlantic, R8
22494750 Ali Jabarin Ilya Shikshin 21 March 2020 Euro Pro League
22496508 Ilya Shikshin Ali Jabarin 21 March 2020 Euro Pro League
22519291 Artem Kachanovskyi Andrii Kravets 22 March 2020 Euro Pro League
22521221 Andrii Kravets Artem Kachanovskyi 22 March 2020 Euro Pro League

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We need a “follow” function …


You mean dis?


I’m not sure if that notifies if an edit is done though, eh?


This is true stalker material. I love it.

I don’t know how to edit wiki myself, but I didn’t see (Kim Yoonyoung)i (Kim Seungjun) there. Perhaps someone could add them?


LOL, no, I meant a follow function on the game server :wink: like the “Fan” checkmark on KGS, and the “fan games” room there. I want to be fanboi :slight_smile:

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Updated with yesterday’s games.


I’m a bit confused now, which one is Kim Seungjun:


I think they’re both him… it seems he forgot he had the original account, the latter is the one he uses

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Just a note, Yeonwoo usually writes her name with surname last herself? (some people do prefer it when in English) If not, It’s a bit weird to be the only name in that order, can we switch it?

It’s a wiki post, anybody can edit it

We can do this. Some people (me) might not know where the first or last names of players. And that’s why they (me) put it as they’ve seen most used.

I suggest to highlight surname with bold letters also. So it’s clear right away.


Yes, she rarely uses her surname. She always refers to herself in English as “Go Pro Yeonwoo”