Thue-Morse Go Games list

I was thinking to make a list similar in format to that in Professional accounts and games on OGS, from where I can take the formatting. Basically it would be a list of Thue-Morse Go games and the links to them.

For more info on Thue-Morse Go there’s this thread Thue-Morse (Fair Sharing) Sequence: A possible alternative to komi?. There’s also this group for playing/discussing games of Thue-Morse Go. There are some links to the games in the discussion thread but they’re far down the list and a bit spread out.


Link Black White Start Date Board Size Rules
13247209 le_4TC battleporridge June 13, 2018 9 x 9 Japanese
19138785 Kosh BHydden August 16, 2019 9 x 9 Chinese
19427636 Samraku Vsotvep September 5, 2019 19 x 19 Japanese
19784219 Samraku Flovo October 3, 2019 19 x 19 Chinese
19784231 Samraku yegorist October 3, 2019 19 x 19 Chinese
19932411 Samraku shinuito October 14, 2019 19 x 19 New Zealand
19987261 Vsotvep Samraku October 18, 2019 19 x 19 New Zealand
20190494 Samraku Anarexol November 1, 2019 19 x 19 New Zealand
22877012 Vsotvep Samraku April 5, 2020 19 x 19 New Zealand
22958454 shinuito Samraku April 8, 2020 19 x 19 New Zealand
23008471 Vsotvep Samraku April 10, 2020 19 x 19 New Zealand
23061995 Samraku Koba April 12, 2020 19 x 19 New Zealand
23917123 shinuito Samraku May 14, 2020 19 x 19 New Zealand

These are the ones I could find or played in - feel free to add in more games, or remove your games if you don’t want them listed.

(I know you can’t keep track of every game played in a list, but I presume that the variant is not so widely played on OGS that this list could be useful for potential new players, and not be too long a list for quite some time.)


Make me interested in playing, but I can’t work out the sequence in my head, let alone playing! :sweat_smile:

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You can use a script for the sequence. Or you can make a chart with pen and paper (such as this or this, if you can work out how they work)


Vsotvep has posted their script to the main thread:

I have a slightly modified version of it here.
But I’d recommend keeping track manually: it’s a lot more intuitive once you get used to it.