So I got a present from Mr. Kuroki

Hey everyone. I just wanted to share the totally awesome surprise that I got per Mail this morning. It’s a calendar for 2015 from the Nihon Kiin, made out of very thick and fine paper and with very nice go motives.


As an explanation: I bought a very nice Goban from Mr. Kuroki half a year ago, who is a famous creator of Go equipment in Japan. (So this is also some kind of advertising for him, I guess :wink:) When I bought my Goban, I got a lot of free stuff with it as a gift (Paulownia Cover, Linen cover, etc.)

And apparently he also sends out these calendars to people who bought stuff from him. I am very surprised now. :blush:

Just wanted to spread the word about this awesomeness, and can only recommend the man:

Also, here’s a picture of my Goban: