Software for pattern searching SGF files

Does anyone know of a website or piece of *nix software for pattern searching SGF files, similar to the Waltheri site?

I use Waltheri all the time to look up fuseki and joseki variations, but of course it only searches its database of pro and AI games. I also keep a spreadsheet of my games to track my win % in various situations: for example, when my opponent plays sanrensei; or when he pincers my 4-4 approach, I play 3-3, and he blocks instead of splitting. But I keep wanting to track more and more patterns.

It occurred to me that it would be simpler to use a piece of software to run pattern searches against my games’ SGF files. What I’ve found so far:

  • Kombilo works pretty well. The version available via PyPI (e.g. “pip install kombilo”) is from 2016 and doesn’t work in Python 3, but the author kept updating the master branch on github thru 2017 and that works right out of the box. A couple bugs, but they look fixable – downside is it appears to be abandoned, so have to make fixes yourself.

  • q5Go is an SGF editor + IGS client + … which also has a pattern search tool. The author has a thread on Life In 19x19. The basic pattern search feature works but has some bugs, and atm it lacks various useful features: no win statistics, can’t filter by player or other fields, only displays mixed black+white continuations (can’t search for only black), etc.

Anything I missed?


Similar question but maybe not too many more answers

Thanks, hadn’t heard of Drago. It uses Kombilo’s C++ lib for search functionality. I’ll see if I can try it out in wine.

Actually, this is helpful - thanks for the link. Will check out GoWrite. SmartGo rings a bell, but I hadn’t looked into it due to Windows and the author’s change of focus to iPad, etc. May be worth a shot.

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