Software glitch

I played with a bot and the software says I lost by 56.5 points. I counted and it turns out it counted black group on the left as dead. It marked it as alive but counted it as dead.

  1. Does this sort of glitch happen often?
  2. Why does it counted the group as dead since it’s large enough to make 2 eyes (the white didn’t play there).

EDIT: it’s even stranger, because the soft says I’ve got 76 pts, whereas the bot has 100.5 pts. the difference is 24.5 pts. As much as I counted with the group alive.

I don’t know about the software but anyway the way both of you played was wrong. Black should have made two eyes by playing at A6. Since Black didn’t, White should have killed by playing at A6. The AI curve zigzags for 60 moves because both players missed that move.


in a Human vs Human game, I agree that the left group ought to be counted as alive because that’s what the players agreed. But to make cheating against bots harder, bot games are automatically scored iirc, and this sort of thing is an unavoidable consequence of that

Playing Humans is where the fun is at, anyways :slight_smile:


Yea, I know :slight_smile: I don’t know how it’s possible, I looked there something like 4 times and assured myself that, if white playes there, I’m able to intervene and make 2 eyes :slight_smile: Don’t know how I could have made such a mistake. The fact that white didn’t play there reaffirmed me even stronger :slight_smile:

Weak bots (as in non-NN-based ones) have a reputation for creating bad habits

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What’s NN?

A Neural Net

There is still a troublesome cut at H11. Can lead to just a few points loss or if bad answered to a drama.

I checked your last games and more as 1 time you leave weaknesses in the boundaries so the scoring gets wong (the scoring don’t count some of your territory because of that). Left variations in each game.