What is the solution to this?

Play Go at! | OGS - 4 out of 4

I know H7 and J6 but I have tried every space on the board for the third move and it fails me each time. What am I supposed to learn from this exactly? This is supposed to be a logical game.

I don’t understand what you mean with h7 j6?

Black has to secure his group first

H7 and j6 are both wrong for the 4th problem. It should only be a one move solution.

O I’m bit confused as the link drives me on the first problem of the 4.
So first which problem do you not fully understand? The 4th?
If so this problem ask you to close the open door by which white may enter your house (territory).
After closing if white start to try something by playing moves inside this territory, black will have easy answers leading to always capture the intruder.

Go is more as just a logical game. There is aesthetic and intuition involved too (50% maybe) Even if it’s far away for being obvious, it’s strangely the best weapons that a beginner has, as he can almost read nothing.

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The 4th problem has no 3rd move. The solution is black H6 (white responds at F6) and then the tutorial automatically moves on to the next problem.


It shouldn’t let anyone get that far then? H7 should be an immediate fail.


most people find it informative to find out why they are wrong, so it shows a few moves of continuation rather than just saying “wrong” with no reason and expansion…


but agreed, it could be clearer about when exactly you went off course


That’s an interesting feedback. Not always easy to be a full beginner again when building a tutorial.
Hope you enjoy the next ones anyway and welcome to the wonderful world of weiqi!

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