Solve go problems against a computer online

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a site for creating and solving go problems with the help of a pre-calculated database.
Tiny go problems

The whole system is automated so there should be no dispute about the optimal solution and the interface is pretty minimal. If you have trouble finding the correct move, you can use the Book-option to play an optimal move. You can also use the Show result option to see what scores different moves achieve.

There are limitations of course. Only completely localized positions can be solved completely with reasonable resources so you won’t see any open ended or whole board problems here.

We use japanese rules where only completely surrounded areas count as territory. This means that eyes and false eyes in seki count towards the score including dead stones inside a seki. Sometimes you will also need to fill all dame to get the optimal solution. The computer may try to trick you by making points with false eyes.
The computer is programmed to give the longest resistance when solving the problem so it might be a little annoying, but try to take it as a motivation to minimize local ko threats.

The rules are a bit non-standard to make everything perfectly solvable. There are stones surrounded by a red border and by capturing them you win the game instantly. To simulate “the rest of the board” there are stones surrounded by a green border with liberties extending beyond the problem space. Such stones cannot be captured. You may also encounter corners of the board in weird positions.

At the time of writing there are over 800 problems in the collection. Mostly corner problems from Cho Chikun’s Encyclopedia of life and death and a few 4x4 problems.

I hope you enjoy working through the problems!

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Here is an example of a problem in edit mode. You can see that the white stones are surrounded by a red border so the objective is to capture them. The black stones with a green border act as surrounding stones connected to the rest of the board.
On the right hand side we can see that the optimal move is B2 highlighted in bold.
In this problem you have one ko threat at your disposal. You can use it to take a ko back once.
This problem is part of the Empty corner shapes collection. It should contain all corner shapes without cutting points where sente matters. Let me know if I missed one.

Interesting start. A couple of questions - I tried to set up an account, but it would accept my password and I couldn’t figure out why. How do you want feedback? Doesn’t seem to be any links for comments anywhere. I ran I to a problem where it said “black to lose by 1” what does that mean?

I couldn’t figure out why you couldn’t set up an account. I can do it manually if you like. Let me know what user name you want and I can send you the password by PM or email.
You can give feedback here or .
“Black to lose by 1” means that you should strive for the result W+1. If White wins by any more, you have failed the problem.

I like it, though it’s bit irritating to have all these stones on the board!
I found a mistake in the second problem i stumbeld on: should be ko instead of dead?

The computer doesn’t care how it loses. Making ko or not White still dies:
Now if White has a ko threat the situation changes and the ko is the right solution:

Site no longer working