[SOLVED]Account-Limit for Email-Address

Hello there,

I was creating accounts for broadcasting and ran into a notification which says “Email address has been used too many times”.

Well, we typically broadcast 4 boards of our top group so I would want to register another account on the email address that I created. The limit is 3 though.

Is there any way to get around it? Creating individual addresses for each account is kind of overkill and not easy to manage.

Thank you


unless you need the chat as well for the broadcast you do not need to enter an e-mail at all :slight_smile:
If you do need the chat function please send me a PM, and hopefully we will figure something out.


just a single note for the public:

I found a nice workaround by using aliases for my gmail-address. That way I can have an individual EmailAddress per Account but a single EmailAccount one for “Management”.

Therefore I’m marking this topic as [SOLVED]

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