[Solved] Activity Pane Overlapping Active Games on Profile

Just noticed an odd visual glitch on this profile: https://online-go.com/player/519197/ (I think I’ve seen it on other profiles too)

I have no idea how to repair this as I’m not a coder, but I’m sure someone here will be able to to it quickly (?).


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I’m kinda swamped right now otherwise I’d fix it… maybe @flovo @AdamR @Eugene or @Kosh could take a look if they have a spare moment? :heart:



But very pleased to be mistaken for a coder. thankyou BHydden. :heart:


I included you because of

It shouldn’t be too much harder than this, once you find which code to edit :slight_smile: it won’t be exactly the same issue, but I expect it to be something smallish like this


I am sooo out of my depth it’s not funny but I tried anyway. To me this looks suspiciously suspicious:

Specifically why is max width struck through in the bottom red oval?


Actually I think you should give a choice to people whether or not they will overlap because some people might want it like this and you can change it in the settings

We would never implement a “feature” to partially hide content behind other elements… this is simply a bug that needs fixing.

An overhaul of the profile page design is one thing on the ever growing list of stuff we’d like to do on the site, but the method you proposed is not the way to go about it.


Thanks @BHydden

Now I know how it feels to feel insulted while LMAOing :laughing:


The answer to that specific question is that Chrome Tools is telling you that the element you are looking at (GobanLineSummaryContainer) has it’s own explicit specification for max-width, which overrules what it would have inherited from its parent GameList.

It’s purely academic because the actual value in both cases is the same: 100vw.


Well for anyone who just needs to check out some of the stuff underneath for yourself you can just F12, then select the <div class="card activity-card"> and delete that one (it all comes back after you refresh, don’t worry). As far as fixing it site-wide that is beyond my skill. As far as I can tell it is not some one-time bug dependand on a long game name or weird time settings, but just an unfortunate design that comes into play with lists instead of board thumbnails.

We are probably mostly used to seeing thumbnails instead of list (which would not have the trouble) or have shorter activity panel, or have longer bio panel, which would all work out. The column is just too wide to fit together with the activity panel in one row. I don’t think making it more narrow is the best idea, so it is about repositioning/redesigning the rest of the page which would need a more experienced man than me.


I’m useless to this, but could a drawer like the one in the games work? Where right column with tournaments etc is pulled over the game list?


@AdamR how do you do that on a IPad because I don’t use computers

No idea, might not even be possible on the basic browsers.

You gave the workaround solution without emphasizing it, hence this post. People can lengthen their bio panel until it is longer than the activity panel (if they don’t want to write anything, they could spam themselves to do it, or put in a bunch of returns).

Have you SEEN how many ladders and tournaments how people are participating in??? That would be one mighty bio panel!


I’ve seen a page where the panel was longer than the games list (in thumbnail, not in list). I think they were taking a break.

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Of course I have, But I have never believed that an imperfect solution—one that applies to many cases if not all cases—is the same as no solution.


Fair call! :joy: