[solved] API for Open challenges ignores "ranked" field (always false)

When posting an open challenge request (using POST http://online-go.com/v1/challenges/ ), the ranked field value in the game object is not taken into account - the open challenge created is always Ranked No (false), even when set to true in the api call.

This problem doesn’t exist when challenging a specific opponent (using this other call), it’s failing only in the open challenge method.

Could you please have a look?

seems to be a problem common to both calls actually:

the value seems to be read at message reception (e.g. i get the HTTP 403 “Can not play a ranked game with rank difference > 9” when challenging a 25k bot), but when the request passes those eligibility filters, the ranked information of the challenge is always false/No/Unranked

It could be to do with the particular bot either? Some bots have their own rules that they reject games if they don’t match - or so I’ve been reading. It could be to do with the ruleset or komi etc.

Eg How to know what game settings the bots on OGS will accept

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no, it happens for every challenge, bot or human - that was just an example.

I guess it’s some sort of typo. The website uses the same API and everything seems to be fine here.

yes, the request from the website fills it exactly the same way. I’ll have to dig further, but it doesn’t seem to be a server issue. thanks!

so my problem was that the game request was private, and it that case the ranked value of True is not allowed/reverted to False by the server. all good now!