[SOLVED] Delete my account :(

I create this to watch games, but It is not to me, I don’t want to see or play It. And in 2023 this site don’t have a settings point to the people delete their account lonely without any help or be exposed?
I never play no game in this site, so will be easy to delete it.

There should be a button for that on Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS


There is a button for that.
Deletion is permanent and unrecoverable.


You don’t need an account to watch games, anyway.


Maybe it would be more helpful to explain how to find that button, rather than just posting a picture of it?

Scroll up one

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https://online-go.com/settings/account, and there it is at the bottom.

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With respect, giving a link like that is not much more helpful than the screenshot. What the naive user needs is a description of the steps to take to arrive there, e.g.:

“On mobile: 1. Click on the ‘hamburger’ at top left. 2. Scroll down to the category heading ‘Settings’. 3. Select ‘Settings’” etc.

That reply would have been a lot more helpful if it had said “You can delete your account here” with the link instead of a sarcastic comment. Knowing sarcasm directed at someone looking for help is rarely useful.

I count 4 out of the 8 replies are for the same person saying what others should do, but not once giving the reply they claim is the only proper. Not “you should do it like this”, the actual “this”.

It’s more helpful to provide the answer if you really care about helping. If not, you’re just doing what you criticize others for.


Sorry for late reply, I was away for a few days.
This is for laptop. Mobile OGS app maybe be different.

Step 1: Go to settings:

Step 2: Click on account settings

Step 3: Scroll down and click on delete account

EDIT: I also added this info to the OGS’s help facility Documentation & FAQ:


Let’s hope they’re successful in their endeavour…