[Solved]Feature Request: Thoughts on mobile

I guess you could call this a feature request, but I hope what I’m requesting would be very easy to implement:
When I play OGS on any computer, I play mostly live games with move verification turned off. This works fine for mouse and touchpad, but I don’t trust touchscreens enough to play without verification. I would like to play on a mobile device, and OGS loads and plays fine in a mobile browser, but I would want move verification on mobile for live games.

Is there a way to offer a separate setting for “live game submit move” between mobile and non-mobile devices, and detect on which device the page has been loaded? I would to leave it enabled one one and not the other.

Love the site, and all of the improvements over the last year. Things just keep getting better, keep up the great work!

Device detection would be harder, but just having the option to require a Submit for moves should be possible.

Knowing the fastest time settings that will still work will be up to the user.

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Actually, I think this is already in place.

If I’m not mistaken, the setting is saved as cookie on your device. So you don’t have to have the same setting on desktop and mobile.


@ saxmaam, I’ll have to try that, I had no idea the settings were device specific, I thought they were account based. Thanks for the heads up.

And I see I already screwed up with the reply button. Oh well. Traveller, thanks for your input. And agreed, it’s fully the user’s responsibility to use a confirm feature in the right time controls on a mobile device. I wouldn’t want to try that on blitz.

I also do not trust the touch screens. If I were to play on mobile, then I would want to simply type in the coordinates myself.


That’s an interesting thought. Personally, I’m content with an option to confirm, if I didn’t click quite right, I can always correct before confirming. One thing for sure, it would work. My only concern is that many mobile devices just don’t have that much screen realestate. A touchscreen keyboard would take up a lot of space, and the boards are big to begin with. On a similar note, I’ve wondered what would be involved to add some type of voice command interface. The scope would probably be such that I don’t feel comfortable asking the devs in their benevolence to provide it, but it’s an interesting though. It would be great while cooking or eating dinner.

If we removed those boxes that showed the name of the players/ranks/score. We may be able to fit a Keyboard on the screen were users can enter their move that way.

This would be for mobile only of course, then in chat at the beginning we can have a automated message saying Player1 (10k) Vs Player 2 (7k).

Just a thought, I haven’t played on mobile so i don’t know what the interface looks like.

Thanks saxmaam. I checked based on your comment, and you’re absolutely right, this feature is already in place. Thanks for letting me know. I just assumed it was a global setting, not a per device setting. It seems like the devs are one step ahead, as usual. If any mods are looking, this thread can be marked as closed.

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OK, closed, thx.