[SOLVED] How to leave a group where i'm admin in OGS :(

Hi everyone :wink:

Please help me ^^
i was invited by a “friend” :smile: into a group but i want to leave it.
However, since he made me admin, i dont find how to leave it.
The group is pretty much dead, but i dont want to see it ! :scream::cold_sweat:

Please, help me ^^ :sob:

here is my OGS profile : https://online-go.com/user/view/479173


Don’t be offended, it’s not my purpose but it makes me laugh: it’s the kind of use case the developers might have never thought of… It’s just an assumption, though.

But, well, it would be nice to be able to demote oneself from the Admin status.


thanks for your answer
this “friend” didnt connect for 2 days ^^

so far i think easiest solution would be to wait for him and see how things go.
but i thought as an admin i would have more rights, not less ^^ (i lost the right to resign from my position, :rofl:

EDIT : or allowing the admin to have the right to leave a group :slight_smile:

Well a sort of a workaround would probably be to make a disposable account, give it admin privilages in the group and then un-admin the original account with this account. Not sure I am supposed to advice dual accounting, but it might work for you :smiley:

but thats so ugly of a solution lol :rofl:

i’d do it as last resort
and its not like i’d actually dual account, it would only be a junk account, which i would never use ^^
thanks for the tip anyways :star_struck:

so i wouldnt wait anymore and i did what you said, and it works.

No worries though, the 2nd account that i created wont ever play any game, and he wont do any harm to the group (the current admin of the group is still admin, he can kick him if he wants) :smiley:

i just wanted freedom lol, but not sure i can actually label the issue as resolved.
I would have liked to have OGS support opinion on what can be done to avoid this issue for the next times it happens to someone :thinking:

yeah you can’t un-admin yourself for unknown reason.

so this is the only solution, but it made it solved :weary:

I will open an issue on github :slight_smile: it’s probably not a high priority, but it will be resolved eventually. Thanks for reporting it :slight_smile:


Same problem for me and this group https://online-go.com/group/861. I already asked in the forum about 1 year ago Remove myself from a group

sofiam do as i did :slight_smile:

  1. go in private browsing (or in normal browsing if you are already in private browsing), it will be faster to have both your accounts connected in different browser sessions :wink:

  2. create a new account, with whatever name and password (no need to validate email, but use a valid email so that the group doesnt get stolen ^^)

  3. go back to your real OGS account, and invite the new account to the group

  4. go in your new account and accept group invite

  5. go back to your real OGS account and make the new account in the group admin

  6. go back to your new account and make your real account not admin (i think its “demote from admin” or something like that)

  7. go back to your real account and now in the group, the option “leave the group” will be available as in all groups, so leave the group

  8. go back to your new account and go in group settings, and “expulse” your real account from the group (even if real account leaves the group, he is still listed as a group member, so your new account needs to expulse your real account from the group


P.S : of course i’m not playing any games with the new account, it will be forever forgotten, and i wont do any harm to the group or the courrent admin ^^ i’m not going to reconnect ever to the new account ^^

i made it long but adam3141 explained it shorter already lol :slight_smile:
and it worked for me :blush:

tell me if you have any problems ^^

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thanks adam3141, your kindness, efforts, and insights, are much appreciated :grinning:

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