[SOLVED] Limit on Bookmarks?

The recent change in how Forum notifications are displayed seems to have limited bookmarks to just four. I had five bookmarks, but one disappeared. I went to the thread and re-bookmarked it, but then the bottom bookmark in the list disappeared, implying that only four are allowed.

I had 6 and still have 6 :thinking::man_shrugging: can’t reproduce sorry

Can also successfully add a 7th

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Maybe a dispensation for moderators?

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I successfully bookmarked 7 posts, and I’m not a moderator.


Then that is not the explanation. Maybe anoek or gaj can explain what is the matter with those missing bookmarks.

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I can see 5 bookmarks on your account.
Can you check how many bookmarks are listed here:



I see, everything after four is hidden under the button with an inverted caret. I didn’t notice that button before, another consequence of everything being so grayed out in the new display style.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply.


I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve bookmarked 8 posts


Bragger! <jk> and [scnr] :stuck_out_tongue:

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