[SOLVED] Show annulled games in the game history

My opponent got timeout at Move 304 in one of my correspondence games. Because this game is one of the consecutive correspondence timeouts on my opponent’s side, this game is annulled, and my game history does not show this game because of the annulment. Since this game ended at Move 304, I would argue that this game is different than most annulled games, which only have a couple of moves. There are many interesting moves and variations in this game, and I want to find the game in my game history. Is it possible to display annulled games in game history?


Are you sure this game is not displayed in your history ?

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Probably a filter for ranked games only. Check the filters @bknww


Thanks for the response. I used to think the game history has to turn on one of the “Ranked” or “Unranked” buttons. Now I realized I can de-select both buttons, and that means showing all games, including the annulled ones. So the annulled games are already in the game history.