[Solved] Supporter issue

Hi, I recently supported OGS. But I didn’t receive any emails from it and didn’t get the golden banner and the IA analysis. My profile doesn’t say supporter and I get the ads.
However, the payment has been made. Any ideas?

Hello DrFBL,
and of course appologies about the trouble.
From my end, I see you fully as a supporter, so not sure what the trouble is. If you could try logging off and back on for me, it sometimes solves everything.

If it does not help, please let me know and I will send a developer your way :slight_smile:
And thank you for supporting us, we appreciate it.


There are ads? I thought we are ad free.

Btw I see you as a supporter as well.

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There’s just one, asking you to become a supporter.


Great, it is working. I just had to disconnect and reconnect.
Thank you