[SOLVED] Unable to change puzzle caption

In this puzzle Play Go at online-go.com! | OGS I am unable to change the caption.

1. Caption says Black to play.

2. On puzzle edit page I change it to White to play. And save it.

3. This is what happens. White to play.

4. Everything okay you think, but after leaving OGS and returning to this puzzle the caption has reverted back to Black to play.

Anyone can help?

Did you try clicking next (going into the 2nd page puzzle edit, the one with variation trees) and doing a checkup or cleanup there? Sometimes, the intro text infiltrates the first box in that second page. First when you click next, you will not see it but if you do one forwards and backwards in the variation tree, it’ll show up. That’s the only thing I can think of.

Nevermind - I don’t think that is your issue and I couldn’t reproduce it anyway.

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My normal puzzle setting is

but after leaving a puzzle and going to another one it changes to

So apparently the black/white switch is automatically activated.
Something with the preferences I guess.


switching off color and position transform enabled does the trick.

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