[SOLVED w/ an upgrade] Game chat sometimes almost unusable with Firefox on desktop


Very often, with Firefox under Linux desktop, the game chat is unusable.

The scrolling bar moves on its own (well, it probably relates with hovering over it), while you’re typing the bottom part of the backlog got hidden because it has scrolled.
There are glitches that prevent moving back and forward through the backlog.
It makes me crazy, I have the feeling it only happens on review or analyzing mode or malkovich log.

It really wastes my pleasure to make a review losing track of what I’m just written. Also, the input area disapears, appears again, disappears … while you use your mouse just to move the scrollback or to change the focus back to the input area.

It’s nothing critical, I can reasonably say but yes, I confess I bothers a lot.

Am I the only one experiencing that ?



I feel a bit alone on that topic :disappointed_relieved::joy:


sorry about that :slight_smile:. unfortunately my input isnt very helpful here, as i dont use linux. firefox works fine for me though (on windows 7).

Has this been resolved for you? Just read this comment in another thread:


Thanks for your replies !

I can’t say if I had experimented the chat lag for the group game against RoyalLeela.

I’m sorry, I had posted my 2nd message before trying to upgrade my Firefox.

So, what I can confirm today after having done several tests:

With Mozilla Firefox 45.9.0: it’s broken for me
With Mozilla Firefox 54, it’s working smoothly :slight_smile: