Some ad nits

First off, this is not a complaint about having ads on the site – I support that move.

However, the overview page ads are a bit much on this machine. There is a reasonable graphical banner ad across the top of the page, but also a large graphical display ad on each side of the page. This leaves only about 2/5 of the page width for the actual list of games.

One of the ads was also “meet Single Filipino Women now!” or some such nonsense, which may not be the aura OGS wants to project. :wink:

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The ads used is google ad sense, so google gives you an ad based on your search history and what it believes you to be interested in, also the 3 ads doesn’t really disrupt the view of the over page and it’s not like that page is used often.

I can’t imagine its that hard to load 3 ads, your computer must be weak/old.

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This reply is neither helpful nor friendly. I will, however, address its points in case others are feeling similarly confused.

  1. Yes, AdSense tries to target ads. However, it can only do that if the user has not opted out of targeting and it can correlate enough browsing history. I use multiple browser profiles, I don’t log into Google in my browser profiles running OGS, and I request Do Not Track. This means I get ads based more or less on site content and other people’s browsing.

  2. Every AdSense account site configuration has a rather rich set of preferences for what kinds of ads are permitted. There are even categories of controversial ads pre-curated to be disabled, including things like dating and hookup sites and mail-order brides. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. At no point did I say, or suggest, that my browser couldn’t handle it. In fact, the problem is the page layout, as I clearly stated. I also specified that it was that machine, as the layout is not problematic on another machine or my mobile browser. I suspect a detection problem or the unexpected issuance of particularly large ads. Thus I raised a nit.

  4. If my browser really couldn’t handle it, that is also concerning. I am fortunate to be relatively affluent and live in a place where high technology is readily available. This is not the case for everyone.

Happy New Year.


Agreed, I’ve gone through and disabled those ad categories, let me know if anything else crops up and i’ll hunt them down and remove them.

I’ve also reduced the size of those side banner images.


Fantastic, thank you!

I’ll let you know if I see inappropriate ads, but my experience is that Google is fairly good about following their categories. If one leaks through, it’ll usually be squashed quickly.

The new skyscraper ad sizes are much better here, they now allow my games list to show my current games without major wrapping.