Some games I've played not affecting rank

Hi there! I’m new to OGS so it’s quite possible I’m missing something. I understand that sometimes a ranked game is annulled because zero or very few moves were made before a timeout, but for some reason several of my legitimate-looking ranked games have not been factored into my rank. You can see this on my profile - I have 9 wins, but on my rank chart it says 6, and I noticed for some of these wins (all by timeout after between 13 and 50 moves) did not affect my rank - I believe the relevant games are:

I hope this makes sense, any guidance would be appreciated!


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I’m not sure why it wouldn’t include them but it does look like they’re not showing up in the rating history of

Someone else might be able to figure it out.

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when someone plays a lot of correspondence games at the same time and stops using OGS, a lot of correspondence games timeout, it makes big incorrect impact on rating system. I heard these games stop affecting rank in this case.
Maybe your opponents were like that.

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That looks possible - all three opponents have nothing but timeouts in their recent activity. It’s a shame if I can’t receive any improvement to my rank, especially in the 50+ move game!

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Yep, that makes sense and is almost certainly what’s happening here. Pretty unfortunate that in my first couple of weeks playing on OGS I’ve run into this 3 times with 3 separate players! Oh well, onwards and upwards.


Play some live games, more chance to not go into these timeout problems

All three games definitely fall under the serial timeout rule for correspondence games, in which only the first timeout counts as a game. There are several long threads that argue about this long-standing policy.

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