Some more improvements on puzzle feature

Currently people have no easy way to ask help for a puzzle they are stuggling with. Making a demo is manual labour and time consuming.
I propose each puzzle should have analyze mode AND a chat that could be opened (but would be hidden by default & would not store the messages) once people opened the chat/analyze then the board rotation and colouring would revert to default so each person would be talking about the same thing.
People could then easily ask for help by linking the puzzle and continuing the discussion in the puzzle chat. Sharing variations and coordinates in the puzzle chat would work just like in normal games. Just that the chat would not store anything so the chat would appear empty for new people. Small time based backlog would make it perfect though :slight_smile:


I was also thinking of a way to do this. :wink:

How about a copy puzzle to Demo game button with the puzzle variations initially hidden?

Yep good ideas @Pempu, added to the list