Some questions about (paid) lessons

I am considering to look for an expert who would actively teach me some concepts and not primarily play teaching games (except possibly for deciding on the most glaring gaps in my knowledge) and who would do this via internet goban plus audio contact (English, German or French). I don’t think that I would do well with someone with a traditional teaching style. I really have no idea how to go about finding such a person.

So, If you take or took lessons, how did you find and choose your teacher? Is there a website with listings? What kind of fees can I expect? Are you satisfied with your investment?
At which level did you take lessons and did you later regret that you didn’t start earlier/later with the lessons?
In your experience, did it make an important difference if a kyu player is taught by a high-dan amateur or a pro?

If you have some recommendations or answers that would constitute possibly unwelcome advertisement or that you don’t want to write publicly for some other reason, please PM me, I am grateful for any information.

I took some lesson from a strong Korean 6 dan around 8? years ago. I think I was around 1k-1d back then. I think it helped my game VERY much. The teaching was mainly teaching games, reviews and some tsumego “lessons”. My teacher asked me what kind of teaching I wanted so I picked the ones I liked :slight_smile:
I was playing in KGS back then and I was aware of teachers in KGS. I also looked for teaching listings in sensei’s library. In the end I tried a few different teachers before settling in to one. My main reason selecting this specific teacher was that Korean teachers were MUCH cheaper than others also the teacher made a good impression. The situation might have changed. One minor trouble was the timezone difference. I was mainly taking lessons before work and right after work. I eventually quit taking lessons because I was always too tired to study go after work :frowning: I think I had some issues back then. Not eating or sleeping properly. Training go is like sports. One has to be mentally and physically fit.
I would have started to take lesson earlier than 1 kyu but I had no money. It sucks that one has to use time and energy in working to be able to train go seriously.

I think now days with working voice over ip it would be very convenient to select a teacher who speaks good English(or your native language) and then you could easily chat and exchange information. I just wish there would exist a go server that would allow for a demo board that can be controlled by more than one person at a time.


Professor X disagrees with part of your assessment:

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