Some questions about puzzles


  1. On page ‘My puzzles’ how can I solve my collection? It’s impossible. Can you make a button ‘Solve collection’?
  2. I find my created collection from search. How can I see all goban, but not only it’s part? I have to click the button ‘toggle zoom’ on each puzzle
  3. Is it possible to create statistics (i.e. how many correct answers I gave)?
  4. Is it possible to import problem from sgf file?
  5. Is it possible to automatically advance to next puzzle after solve the current puzzle?


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  1. Go to My Puzzles, select a collection and click on the edit button of a puzzle.
    In the screen that appears, it is possible to solve your puzzle.
  2. As far as I know this is not possible.
  3. and 4. No idea.
  4. Not automatically. you have to click Next or Random.

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