Some suggestions of mine

There are several things I think would be good change. They aren’t really related, just random things I noticed while playing on OGS:

  1. In group management, after I invite someone into the group successfully the invite field should be cleared so I can write a new name in. Also when I invite several people the popup started showing blank instead of a message like “Invite successful” or fail. This is just minor but a little bit confusing.

  2. For live game, the game creator should be available to wait for a challenger. I have joined many game just to find out that the creator is afk. Granted I can always cancel the game after finding out, but it leaves a bad taste. Last time it happened, I forgot to cancel the game, and after a while accepted another challenge. Immediately after the new game started, the former guy also started playing. I thought it would be impolite to cancel now and play both game at the same time, and ended up losing both. I’m not trying to be a loser and blame here; just making an example that an afk game creator leave bad taste to people who join their game. For correspondence game it’s ok to go to sleep after you create a table, but in a live game it’s really bad manner.
    TR;DR; my suggestion: Cancel an open live table if the owner is afk for more than 5 minutes.

  3. I really hate the system that allow anyone to choose any rank at anytime. In my opinion ranking must be hard earned. When I started playing Go, there were a lot of people with bad manner online (leaver, troll, whinner, people who just refuse to accept a loss), but when I rise up the rank those kind of people slowly disappear. My teacher once told me Go is a game of attitude, and I firmly believe him that people without good attitude can’t rise high in Go. Of course you can never eradicate all a-holes, but not allowing an a-hole to pretend he’s 9 dan forever can keep him in places he belongs.
    TR;DR; my suggestion: only allow an user to set his rank when he create his account.

  4. It is meaningless to display 2kT in chat and not in his open table. I don’t need to know that the one I’m talking with just afk-ed a game, I want to know if the one I’m going to play with just afk-ed his game or not.

I think a community will thrive if good behaviors are encouraged, while bad ones are shoo-ed. It is for the good of everyone :slight_smile:

. #2 happened to me before as well. I didn’t know about cancelling back then, but now I’d probably leave a comment to apologize for cancelling and play the other one.

. #3 doesn’t account for the fact that some players might not set their rank to begin with because they don’t know it, but then realize that they’re actually much higher ranked. I’d be just fine with letting someone set it a total of twice. The first time they might get it wrong, so giving them a second chance to change it is to give them the benefit of the doubt. Beyond that, I agree that there needs to be a limit.

As time goes by, I’m more and more inclined to agree with #3 - if users make a hideous mistake with their rank, they can ask a moderator to fix it for them, but I think the number of use-cases for changing your rank at any time is quite low, and it has an inordinate potential for abuse.

That said, we can and do lock the ranks of repeat abusers to prevent them from changing their ranks in future.

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I see the reasons for wanting to forbid people from changing their ranks, but I really like the ability to do so and think the “provisional” system is a really nice way of doing it. On the face of it the “only allow users to set rank when they create their account” is nice because it still allows people to have an approximately correct rank from the beginning (as opposed to everybody starting from 30k or something…) but it has the issue that it also still allows abuse of the system. Those trolls that you wanted to prevent from faking 9d by changing their rank on their existing account can easily create a new account set to a high rank. So in short, in order to completely prevent abuse you would have to make everybody start from 30k, and I think that creates many more problems than it solves.